DOM Maranho of Sertã

Maranhos da Sertã - DOMDOM Maranho of Sertã’s main ingredients are goat meat, pork from our Lameira Mount, ham, chorizo, rice and mint.
Our Maranho is already cooked, simply heat in boiling water, along with the mint, for about 15 minutes.
Serve with  fresh vegetables and homemade fries. And enjoy!

For how many people does one DOM Maranho serve?

4 persons.

I can eat the skin of DOM Maranho?

Yes. Delicious!

What is the validity of the DOM Maranho?

45 days. Our Maranho is produced within 2 business days after ordering.

The DOM Maranho comes ready to eat?

No. It has to warm up for 15 minutes in boiling water, along with mint that comes with Maranho.

If I become a fan of DOM Maranho can I be a daily customer of your products?

Yes, we produce our products upon customers’ requests.  We also suggest our DOM Bucho.

Maranho da Sertã, DOM

Maranho, its history

The origin of Maranho dates back to the sixteenth century, with a strong connotation of the reason for its existence with the devastation caused by the feeding level Napoleonic wars.
With the current population of the southern region of Beira Baixa private for countless other foods, goat meat is assumed as a central element in the development of this delicacy. Moreover, also in Brazil in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, there are many records as Maranho family name, particularly referring to the “new Christians”, coming from the Muslim and Jewish communities.

It was however in the early twentieth century that Maranho as we know it reaches substantial degree of affirmation and popularity. Will be forever in history the famous lunch in 1913, in which Abilio Marçal, Democrat and Republican born in the county of Sertã, now in his second term as County Administrator (also in 1917 Mayor and later, in 1920, and already in Lisbon, Member and Chairman of the Board of Deputies of Portugal) toasted then Prime Minister (and finance Minister) with Afonso Costa “… meal wealthy in their homeland, where the Maranho would be the main course. ..”.