DOM Bucho Recheado of Sertã

Bucho Recheado of - DOM

Having in pork its base of cooking, DOM Bucho also has ingredients like chicken, rice, bread and orange, among others.
The hearty, soft and flavored stuffing is one of the decisive factors in the success of this delicacy truly Portuguese origin.

Our DOM Bucho is already cooked, simply heat in oven at 200 degrees, wrapped in silver, during 20 minutes.
Serve with homemade fries and salad. Enjoy it!

For how many people does one DOM Bucho serve?

4 persons.

I can eat the skin of DOM Bucho?

Yes, the skin is very crispy and tasty!

What is the validity of the DOM Bucho?

30 days. Our Bucho is produced within 2 business days after ordering.

The DOM Bucho comes ready to eat?

No. Have to heat the oven to 200 degrees, wrapped in silver, during 20 minutes.

If I become a fan of DOM Bucho can I be a daily customer of your products?

Yes, we produce our products upon customers’ requests.  We also suggest our DOM Maranho.

Bucho Recheado da Sertã - DOMBucho, its history

Nowadays recognized as an essential element in Beira Baixa gastronomy, Bucho had essentially the past century, many festive uses, varied routes and some changes arising from greater or lesser scarcity of food and habits of the population is at its source.

The early twentieth century marked forever the identity of Bucho combining eating habits that workers from Sertã acquired in agricultural labor that roamed crop harvest for their survival.


It is currently understood as a traditional stuffed unmistakable representative of the identity of the region and for its taste and texture, revealing the origins of the people who have shaped it.
Sertã is the region where the Bucho gains identity and conquer territory in the national cuisine.