05 Christmas Basket

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Sometimes gestures are worth a thousand words ...

This block we want to help you find an ideal gift, able to express what words sometimes fail.

Get a souvenir for ... a family member you love so much, a surprise for that special friend or just thanks to your team, for the effort of a year of work.





1 Bucho da Sertã DOM (850gr)

1 DOM Maranho da Sertã (500gr)

1 Roasted suckling pig DOM Almu (600gr)

1 DOM Curry Farinheira da Sertã

1 Dom Paio de Pimenta Preta da Sertã

1 DOM Choriço Magro da Sertã

1 DOM Chouriço Mouro da Sertã

1 DOM Farinheira da Sertã

1 Honey Heather (500gr)

1 Vila Velha de Ródão Grande Sheep Cheese

1 Portuguese Kale

2 Sertã cheeses

1 Quinta Nova Ink Wine

1 Sparkling Mountain Brut

2 Cova do Marmeleiro donut

1 pineapple

1 Box of Nuts (200gr)

1 Small Medronho Brandy

1 Ham Casel Ham (1kg)

1 Pumpkin Jam