DOM Bucho da Sertã


dom bucho da sertã

Local know-how, simplicity and authentic original flavours from the Beira Baixa

Bucho Recheado is made with Monte de Lameira pork and chicken combined with bread, dry-cured ham, eggs and orange juice to produce a satisfyingly tender and rich filling with a hint of sweetness.

Simply oven bake for 15 minutes for a delicious delicacy, perfect served in thick slices with a few twists of fresh orange and salad or seasonal greens.

A truly princely lunch.

Preparation: Wrap in tinfoil or baking paper and oven bake for 15 minutes at 170º C. Open the wrapping and bake for a further 5 minutes.


Bucho and its history

Today recognised as a fundamental element of Beira gastronomy, during the 20th century Bucho Recheado was a tradition at a range of festivities and has seen various forms depending on the level of food scarcity and the habits of the local population.
The identity of Bucho Recheado is rooted in the start of the 20th century, marked by the eating habits that the Sertã workers acquired as they toiled in the fields and moved from harvest to harvest in order to sustain their families.
Currently Bucho is recognised as an unmistakeable traditional stuffed meat, representative of this region and, through its flavour and texture, recalling the origins of the people who first shaped its existence.
The Sertã region is where Bucho has developed its identity and become recognised as a part of Portugal’s national gastronomy.
A historic scarcity of food in the Beira region gave rise to this delicacy.

dom bucho da sertã