DOM – portuguese delicacies

The Portuguese label “DOM iguarias” designates a range of traditional Portuguese sausages, revealing the very essence of the finest gastronomy that Portugal has to offer.

The range is characterised by a wealth of experience in preparation and the irrefutable high quality of the products, only possible due to the rigorous choice of the very finest ingredients.

In this way DOM iguarias de origem Portuguesa is distinguished by the quality of its products, all prepared in the artisanal fashion using natural ingredients selected only from the best sources.

Beira Craftmanship 

It was over 30 years ago that the skilled hands of the people of this region of Portugal first created the traditional flavour of our sausages.

With an unmistakable flavour, a rustic aroma and a noble texture, the DOM traditional sausages challenge the senses and transport you back to the origins of each product, the essence of this region’s gastronomy and the years of experience of the people who first produced them.

DOM iguarias is a registered trademark of CASEL.

CASEL has been growing for more than three decades, with a continued passion and scrupulous respect for the origin of regional products of unquestionable quality.

Dedicated to the rigorous selection and perfection of fabrication techniques, human resources and raw and subsidiary materials, CASEL has developed a range of traditional products with a high potential, carrying the history of their origin and presented with a contemporary and appealing design.