A recipe that has remained virtually unaltered for 200 years.

Maranho has been a Sertã tradition for over 200 years. It is prepared from goat meat, dry-cured ham, chouriço, mint and rice to give an aromatic, fresh and light flavour.

Serve as a main dish with salad or seasonal greens and homemade potato chips. Perfect at any time of year.

A lunch fit for a king.

Preparation: 15 minutes in boiling water with a sprig of fresh mint.

The history of Maranho

Maranho is a gastronomical delicacy of the Sertã area of Central Portugal. Its origin most probably dates back to the beginning of the 19th century, although it is often considered to have existed earlier.

The recipe has remained virtually unaltered during the last 200 years, being based on goat meat, dry-cured ham, chouriço, mint and rice. These ingredients are mixed together and sewn into a goat tripe.

During the 20th century Maranho was a favourite celebratory dish on feast days, for rich and poor alike. From the 1980´s onwards it has been available daily on the menus of local restaurants.